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Definition of an afro

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Other terms relating to 'hair, facial hair':

Definitions include: a haircut sometimes associated with fascists, members of the "alt-right", and Nazis.
Definitions include: Bangs, the hair that hangs over your forehead
Definitions include: afro.
Definitions include: facial hair between the bottom lip and the chin; "flavor-saver".
Definitions include: a mullet.
Definitions include: genitalia.
Definitions include: a girl who has dyed her hair blonde.
Definitions include: "moment".
Definitions include: a person who dyes their hair blonde.
Definitions include: a mullet.
Definitions include: a beard or mustache, but usually a mustache.
Definitions include: a haircut or hair style.
Definitions include: dreadlocks.
Definitions include: a patch of hair between the bottom lip and the chin; "soul patch".
Definitions include: the darkening of mens' faces late in the day due to hair growth after prior shaving.

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Other terms relating to 'afro':

Definitions include: pubic hair that is kept in a style that compares to a microphone head.

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