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Definition of breezie



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Other terms relating to 'woman, women, female':

Definitions include: to perform fellatio.
Definitions include: an imaginary animal that is ugly, skinny, and female.
Definitions include: form of address for a female; "chick".
Definitions include: an attractive older woman or an attractive mother.
Definitions include: a younger romantic interest.
Definitions include: an unattractive female, usually due to obesity.
Definitions include: chick, girl, woman.
Definitions include: a promiscuous female.
Definitions include: woman.
Definitions include: An average looking female, typically in a male dominated industry, who receives undue (drunken) male attention due to the unnaturally high ratio of males to females.
Definitions include: a female.
Definitions include: money in general.
Definitions include: Any fat woman who dresses in an all purple jump or jogging suit.
Definitions include: attractive.
Definitions include: a promiscuous person - usually a promiscuous female.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: to have in one's possession.
Definitions include: the mother of one's baby.
Definitions include: exclamation useful when the conversation is going off tangent.
Definitions include: misspelling of ducats.
Definitions include: to grab someone in a sexual manner.
Definitions include: "Now you're doing [some task] correctly."
Definitions include: rings
Definitions include: a woman who is married to a sailor and has sex with other sailors. she is a fleet support unit and she has the gift that keeps on giving (herpes).
Definitions include: to "chill", hang out
Definitions include: a place in the countryside, where hicks live

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