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Definition of cuss

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Other terms relating to 'dude, person of unspecified gender':

Definitions include: a male.
Definitions include: a graffiti mural.
Definitions include: a person very skilled in a particular area.
Definitions include: to take LSD.
Definitions include: a person who raps.
Definitions include: Standard American English doesn't have a 2nd person plural personal pronoun, so "y'all" is sometimes used to fill this gap.
Definitions include: a sweet or nice person.
Definitions include: to stare at.
Definitions include: a person who has both street and book knowledge.
Definitions include: a song.
Definitions include: very good, excellent; "cool"; "awesome".
Definitions include: friendly greeting, especially after not having seen someone in a long time.
Definitions include: a British person.
Definitions include: a person who always agrees with superiors.
Definitions include: a young person or child.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: person who engages in computer security breaching through use of widely available prepackaged exploiting utilities, for recreational purposes and without significant low-level knowledge of computer security.
Definitions include: An awful lot of something, probably too much of it.
Definitions include: Pertaining to meat addiction or the franchising of "eating my meat." The extremity being gaeda in the form of ternal feeding tubes or leavened, unhearthy meat, pink slime, etc. Gaeda is akin to cannibalism and covetousness; thusly portrayed as the reason for the great flood. It is bewarned as the "Pharoh's leaven" later in the new testament.
Definitions include: a back up booty call person
Definitions include: to carry a firearm.
Definitions include: displeasing.
Definitions include: typical nerd activity.
Definitions include: a half-erect penis.
Definitions include: female genitalia ("vagina").
Definitions include: This is an expression that was used in Western Kentucky in the late seventies, possibly earlier.

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