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Definition of desk jockey

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Other terms relating to 'professions (list of)':

Definitions include: a prostitute.
Definitions include: a brothel; "whorehouse".
Definitions include: a police officer.
Definitions include: a firefighter.
Definitions include: the police.
Definitions include: a mechanic, originally on motorcycles, but now any kind of repairman.
Definitions include: to take advantage of.
Definitions include: someone who sells drugs and other illegal substances.
Definitions include: police
Definitions include: a writer.
Definitions include: a scientist, engineer, or person employed in a technical field.
Definitions include: an unenthusiastic worker, especially in an office setting.
Definitions include: the police.
Definitions include: Police.
Definitions include: an area, such as a particular street, where prostitutes solicit customers.

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Other terms relating to 'desk':

Definitions include: a person who has a menial job and who works at a desk.

Other terms relating to 'jockey':

Definitions include: A knob jockey is a man that likes to ride another mans cock . The term knob jockey is often used as a definition to explain to your piers what you think of another person normally used out of frustration or anger towards a another male.
Definitions include: a promiscuous female.

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