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Definition of desk jockey

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Other terms relating to 'professions (list of)':

Definitions include: the police or the "po-po" originated from Harlem.
Definitions include: a male prostitute.
Definitions include: a business man. Origin: Japanese English.
Definitions include: to deal drugs.
Definitions include: a cop.
Definitions include: a female manager of prostitutes.
Definitions include: a person who transports illegal drugs.
Definitions include: a person on the crew of a pornographic film whose job is to make the leading male erect, when required.
Definitions include: someone who sells drugs and other illegal substances.
Definitions include: a mean person; "jerk"; "asshole".
Definitions include: to work hard and get some money.
Definitions include: an alcoholic beverage consumed "on the road" (i.e. in a vehicle.)
Definitions include: a writer.
Definitions include: a street where children solicit prostitution.
Definitions include: a place where prostitutes congregate to meet customers.

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Other terms relating to 'desk':

Definitions include: a person who has a menial job and who works at a desk.

Other terms relating to 'jockey':

Definitions include: a promiscuous female.

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