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Definition of East bumfuck

East bumfuck

  • a far away and inconvenient place. Same as Butt-Fucking, Egypt.
    Johnny's moving way out to East Bum Fuck!

    Last edited on Jun 07 2013. Submitted by Dr. O. on May 11 1999.

  • an area (usually a rural area) that doesn't have much of any entertainment or recreational activies in or around it.
    He must live in East Bumfuck because he doesn't get out much.

    Last edited on Nov 21 2002. Submitted by Maurice J. from Fall River, MA, USA on Nov 21 2002.

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Definitions include: an imaginary place where all the residents are hicks, rednecks, or otherwise backwards.
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Definitions include: a far away location.
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Definitions include: an isolated location; middle of nowhere.
Definitions include: a location inconveniently far away. Also used is the less offensive East Bumble-fuck.
Definitions include: a fictitious, inconveniently located, rural town where citizens are undereducated and underemployed.
Definitions include: a place far away, yet near enough to be driven to.
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Definitions include: somewhere in the middle of nowhere
Definitions include: any location inconveniently far away; "the middle of nowhere".
Definitions include: an obscure or far-away place.
Definitions include: a far away and inconvenient place.
Definitions include: East Indian.

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