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Definition of firement

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Other terms relating to 'to fire, dismiss':

Definitions include: to reduce the number of people employed in an organization or company to the point that there are no longer enough to carry out the work effectively.
Definitions include: to be fired.
Definitions include: a despicable person.
Definitions include: to be fired from a job.
Definitions include: crazy.
Definitions include: to throw away; discard; dispose of.
Definitions include: to terminate from employment.
Definitions include: bathroom.
Definitions include: to dismiss or generally get rid of someone.
Definitions include: testicles.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: Slang for when a person or persons is craving for the delicious fast food at any Tam's hamburger stand especially Tam's #9 in Lynwood Ca. 90262. Compare to craving, lusting or attraction. Everytime I go to Lynwood Ca. I have a [Traving] for Tam's #9 pastrami and chili cheese fries. Uum yummy...
Definitions include: a mongrel cat.
Definitions include: to waste time in order to avoid confrontation or a potentially uncomfortable situation.
Definitions include: a person who frequents gyms.
Definitions include: a figurative device used in the creation of a porn face.
Definitions include: overly formal.
Definitions include: overly formal, conservative, repressed, rigid.
Definitions include: a person who pursues athletes for romance and/or sex.
Definitions include: an unexpected and usually undesirable kiss.
Definitions include: used to express the desire to end a conversation.

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