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Definition of firement

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Other terms relating to 'to fire, dismiss':

Definitions include: to reduce the number of people employed in an organization or company to the point that there are no longer enough to carry out the work effectively.
Definitions include: to be fired.
Definitions include: a despicable person.
Definitions include: to be fired from a job.
Definitions include: crazy.
Definitions include: to throw away; discard; dispose of.
Definitions include: to terminate from employment.
Definitions include: bathroom.
Definitions include: to dismiss or generally get rid of someone.
Definitions include: testicles.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: a dismissive comment or retort.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of douche.
Definitions include: a jersey
Definitions include: Slang for when a person doesn't want to use the cuss word "Shithole" on live TV, Radio, or Internet. Compare to: A hole. Example: D. Trump called all countries that have Blacc and Brown people "[S hole]" countries, what a shame...
Definitions include: a piece of clothing or fabric used to contain the jizz (semen) ejaculated from masturbation.
Definitions include: a vague place or space
Definitions include: a constructive rant. Rather than ranting about everything that is wrong in the world, tole-ranters speak from the heart about social problems and point to potential solutions.
Definitions include: leaving.
Definitions include: under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Definitions include: grungy looking, greasy hair, smells bad.

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