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Definition of froid

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Other terms relating to 'terms with foreign origin (list of)':

Definitions include: to have sexual intercourse.
Definitions include: girls' underwear; "panties".
Definitions include: misspelling of vacay.
Definitions include: a female friend.
Definitions include: girl gang banger, loose woman, girlfriend.
Definitions include: anything, in speech.
Definitions include: a foolish person; "ass".
Definitions include: a breast.
Definitions include: marijuana.
Definitions include: From both the Spanish word chiquita and Chiquita Bananas, a particular brand name of bananas.
Definitions include: exclamation, pronounced "Moe" as in the guy that has a bar on the Simpsons, usually used in agreement.
Definitions include: fellatio.
Definitions include: "many thanks".
Definitions include: French exclamation, literally "Shit!"
Definitions include: "goodbye".

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: the practice of taking selfish or unfair advantage of lesbians or lesbianism, usually for some form of gain.
Definitions include: to resume taking care of one's responsibilities.
Definitions include: onomatopoeia for the sound of crying.
Definitions include: fellatio followed by intercourse.
Definitions include: a girl who performs fellatio frequently.
Definitions include: The Season Of Stealing Things
Definitions include: a person, usually a hockey player or other sort of jock from the Boston area, characterized by an anti-intellectual attitude, a disrespect for women, minorities, and homosexuals, and a tendency to do physically gross things.
Definitions include: used as a prefix (usually with a noun) to refer to feces or something fecal in nature.
Definitions include: Noun : Powerful expulsion of liquid turds which is often accompanied by a deep booming sound and painful abdominal cramping.
Definitions include: something to be cut off and disposed of, a useless piece of skin.

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