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Definition of gin up

gin up

  • to make something up, usually make a small thing (an object) or even an excuse (like a lie), out of stuff that is around, or just make it up...

    Last edited on Dec 14 2006. Submitted by Chuck from Bethesda, MD, USA on Dec 14 2006.

  • To "gin up" is similar to "rev up". It means to speed up an activity with a goal in mind. One "gins up" a kitchen, bar, caterer and band for a party. One "gins up" for an experiment by collecting necessary lab equipment. One gets "ginned up" about an interesting topic.

    The subtle difference between "gin up" and "rev up" is that "gin up" implies creating something from nothing with an intent to create action. For example, an empty hall becomes a party, a dormant science room becomes a laboratory, a conversation becomes a heated debate. "Rev up" (like an engine) implies an existing structure or system that is sped up from its present state.

    Source: Oxford English Dictionary ("OED")

    Last edited on Sep 21 2009. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 21 2009.

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