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Definition of gobshite

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Other terms relating to 'uncool person, jerk, asshole (general insults - list of)':

Definitions include: a general insult.
Definitions include: general derogatory term; "dick".
Definitions include: the anus.
Definitions include: general insult.
Definitions include: a polite way to say "dumb fuck".
Definitions include: to masturbate.
Definitions include: an unpleasant or nasty person.
Definitions include: an annoying person, especially one making unwanted sexual advances.
Definitions include: alternate spelling/pronunciation of "bitch.
Definitions include: a person who is acting stupidly.
Definitions include: a despicable person.
Definitions include: woman.
Definitions include: good friend; "buddy".
Definitions include: actions or behavior consistent with being an asshole.
Definitions include: alternate spelling/pronunciation of "bitch.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: A vidfie is a ten to twenty second spinning 360 degree video pointing at yourself to show your current location , the plural is Vidfies
Definitions include: a particularly fat pelvic area on a male.
Definitions include: to rise to the occasion; "be a man".
Definitions include: the act of removing the CPU from a computer in order to perform a replacement or upgrade.
Definitions include: An exchange of sex for an object, or favor.
Definitions include: a person or organization that surrenders.
Definitions include: cafeteria.
Definitions include: he needs to relax.
Definitions include: a Jewish person.
Definitions include: When transgression ascends out of a body of antithetical belief. Coalslatt is earthly divinity and the false light resulting from the meteyard of evil. It is the purest form of paganist faith because it transcends sin and God to survive great evil. For example, coalslatt is subjective divinity, the free will judgement on filthy sanctity. When a reviled thing is taken for its word to no end in desolation. Many applications exist like describing bad business practice or dependence on continually gaffing the cheek stain out of the less fortunate or deaf, efc.

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