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Definition of gomer



  • Geek, nerd, or weirdo. Insinuating a likeness to Gomer Pyle.
    What a Gomer!

    Last edited on Nov 21 1999. Submitted by Mike C. from Cheyenne, WY, USA on Nov 21 1999.

  • acronym for "Get Out of My Emergency Room!" -- a patient who by virtue of personality or kind of complaint is not welcome in an Emergency Room setting.
    Ye gods! That's the sixth straight gomer this morning!

    Last edited on Feb 23 2000. Submitted by Matthew C. from Greenbrae Rd, Rocklin, CA 95677, USA on Feb 23 2000.

  • someone with less than average intelligence. Comes from Gomer Pyle the idiotic army soldier.
    You're such a gomer!

    Last edited on Dec 16 2001. Submitted by Derrick P. from Edmonton, AB, Canada on Dec 16 2001.

  • an idiot. From Gomer Pyle.

    Last edited on May 14 2011. Submitted by marcus k. from IA, USA on Jun 13 2006.

  • To do something idiotic.

    Last edited on Jun 13 2006. Submitted by marcus k. from IA, USA on Jun 13 2006.

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