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Definition of Hail Mary

Hail Mary

  • the occurrence of telling a woman that one has accidentally gotten pregnant that one loves her and to convince her that having an abortion will be the best thing for the relationship. He also does not want to get married to her. So he does a Hail Mary. Once the abortion is done, then the guy is free to dump her without fear of owing child support.
    I didn't want her to have the baby so I did a Hail Mary.

    Last edited on Nov 01 2018. Submitted by Rich B. from East Coast Dr, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, USA on Jan 10 2003.

  • A last-minute attempt to score a game-winning point in a game such as basketball or football. The attempt is made just as the game time runs out, and everybody just watches and prays that the point is scored and that it's good.

    Last edited on Aug 24 2009. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 24 2009.

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