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Definition of Kjoughl



  • 1. The act of being in a stubborn or ornery mood. "Wow, he's a really kjoughling. He asked off the thread after one text."
    Wow, he's really pissy today, I bet we're all gonna get Kjouoghled!"

    "Oh boy...poor schlep has to work on this fine snow day, I bet he's really Kjoughling his customers today.

    Last edited on Nov 13 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 28 2014.

  • Similarly, the act of having no patience and impulsively making demands that have little, or no, rational merit. Such action often caused by being in a foul mood due to a) working when many others are not, or, b) being bored by the topic at hand, or, c) being offended by jokes pertaining to one's name or likeness.

    Last edited on Nov 13 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 13 2014.

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