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Definition of meat gazer

meat gazer


  • Someone who "sneaks a peek" at your genitalia while you're using a public urinal.
    Man, I felt weird taking a leak, the guy beside me was a meat-gazer.

    Last edited on Jul 08 2002. Submitted by Brian S. from Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA on Jul 08 2002.

  • The act of staring or purposefully looking at a males package by an unwanted party. To look at someone's garbage while pissing at a urinal is "meat gazing."
    That dude is staring at my package, he is such a meat gazer.

    Last edited on Jul 23 2002. Submitted by Zachary W. from Ames, IA, USA on Jul 23 2002.

  • a man or boy who compulsively looks at other men's or boy's penis'.

    Last edited on May 21 2003. Submitted by Kevin from Olathe, KS, USA on May 21 2003.

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