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Definition of nincompoop

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Slang terms with the same meaning

Other terms relating to 'unintelligent person, idiot':

Definitions include: a head.
Definitions include: daughter, literally dear daughter.
Definitions include: an unintelligent person.
Definitions include: a shortened form of retard.
Definitions include: a person who does something very stupid.
Definitions include: alternate spelling and pronunciation of "idiot".
Definitions include: under the influence of Ecstasy (MDMA).
Definitions include: a snowboarder.
Definitions include: a rejected retard.
Definitions include: a moron or lazy person, typically residing in a rural area; "bumpkin".
Definitions include: stupid, dumb, acting silly.
Definitions include: idiot... one whom is very stupid.
Definitions include: missing or misplaced.
Definitions include: a stupid person.
Definitions include: an unintelligent female.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: alternate spelling of yuck it up.
Definitions include: acronym for "licking my lips".
Definitions include: acronym for "your mileage may vary."
Definitions include: good.
Definitions include: It means something that looks too good for words. Refers to clothing, automobiles, etc... Could be a synonym for the slang word fly, but more intense. Originated on the streets of New York City.
Definitions include: An individual who beleives God took a brake from creating the world 6,000 years ago in the middle of busy creaton week and choose a than non existent "race" of people and promissed them a real estate in the middle east... They use this "real estate deal" to justify the ethnic clensing of Palestine in the 21st Century.
Definitions include: a father who only sees his children on Sunday, by choice.
Definitions include: pejorative name for Microsoft Windows.
Definitions include: doing things in way a gangster would.
Definitions include: A foolish person. A person who has done something foolish.

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