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Definition of ninny


  • A ninny is a dump person or someone who acts as if they are lost and has no clue as to what is going on!
    Stop Acting like a ninny.

    Last edited on Jul 01 2002. Submitted by Tamia from LaGrange St, New Bern, NC 28560, USA on Jul 01 2002.

  • a person is silly, or simple minded. In conversation Monica might say a silly remark, then Bill might reply, "Monica you are so ninny."
    Monica is such a ninny littlle girl.

    Last edited on Jan 14 2003. Submitted by Shawon T. from Killeen, TX, USA on Jan 14 2003.


  • A young child who is (perhaps)uneducated, stupid, reticent, shy,useless, worthless, quiet, unpossing. See "pick-a-ninny", the nickname for a small black child. Choose (pick)a small, shy child:(ninny).

    Last edited on Oct 01 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 01 2012.

  • Pacifier for a baby. Nin nin, pacifier, binki, nookie (United States) Dummy, comforter (Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia) Soother (Canada, Ireland)
    Give the baby her ninny.
    The baby dropped her ninny.

    Last edited on Jul 31 2015. Submitted by Terri H. from Williamsburg, VA, USA on Jul 30 2015.

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