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Definition of no worries

no worries

  • "not a problem", or the French equivalent "ce n'est pas grave." Originally heard it in New Zealand, also in California.
    We could do it tomorrow... no worries.

    Last edited on Apr 29 2013. Submitted by Moo from Santa Cruz, CA, USA on Mar 02 1999.

  • don't worry about it, no problem, it's all good.
    Person A: Sorry dude, didn't mean to be late.

    Person B: It's cool, no worries.
    No worries, bro. I got it all under control.

    Last edited on Apr 10 2013. Submitted by jared from CA, USA on Dec 14 1999.

  • no big deal, don't worry about it.
    Person A: Hey man, I am so sorry I couldn't make it last night.

    Person B: No worries, It turned out to be a pretty flat party.

    Last edited on Sep 12 2003. Submitted by Lauren O. from Milwaukee, WI, USA on Sep 12 2003.

  • no problem.
    No worries mate.

    Last edited on Sep 22 2005. Submitted by Sandesh K. from Melbourne VIC, Australia on Sep 22 2005.

  • Unlike "no problem" which means "It's not a problem", "no worries" could mean many things so it is mostly a meaningless phrase by itself. Context is critical. It could mean "I'm not worried" if someone says "sorry you're going to the proctologist", or "don't worry because I've decided to not make a big deal of it" in response to "sorry I was late".
    Context 1: Person A: Sorry you're going to the proctologist. Person B: No worries [meaning I'm not worried he'll find anything]

    Context 2: Person A: Sorry I was late. Person B: No worries ["don't worry... I'm not going to fire you over it."]

    Last edited on Jun 15 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 15 2015.


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