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Definition of old-school


  • old. Used when describing something you remember from a long time ago like in the 80's or early 90s.
    Vanilla Ice... now that's old school if I ever saw it.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Linz from Cary, NC, USA on Jan 27 1999.

  • Old fashioned, out of style, uncool. Opposite of "new school," which is hip, with it, in fashion.
    Your car is old school.

    Last edited on Jan 24 2003. Submitted by GN from SD and Ae, San Diego, CA 92113, USA on Jan 24 2003.


  • something that is really old.
    Isn't this an old-school song?

    Last edited on Apr 27 2004. Submitted by Myles M. from Toronto, ON, Canada on Apr 27 2004.

  • A self-referred term that older people use when trying to cover their inability and/or desire to keep up with modern learning and changes.
    I don't text because I am "old-school".

    Last edited on Nov 19 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 19 2013.

  • "Old-School" - A continually used term by all ages, to describe older tradition methods, used by everyone including the younger, hypocritical, gen Yhine gen, who reluctantly uses it because they are too busy whining about many other things, for them to come up with a new and unnecessary replacement term, -which had it been created, should have hopefully set them apart as the next new "cool" generation. Just as many terms/concepts are timeless, such as mini-skirts are always ever fashionable, or term "cool", the current, soon to be replaced gen, is still trying to find a meaningful contribution before hitting middle age.
    Hey, man that iphone is pretty and shiny, but it's is so old-school because it's not awesome like my new HTC 3d phone.

    Last edited on May 07 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on May 07 2014.


  • To do something in a way that is more in line with traditional technique/style rather than modern or progressive style (such as rap music that emulates the style of the rap of the early 80s). Often used in the phrase, "kicking it old school."
    Run DMC is still kicking it old school.

    Citation from "Not WIthout My Daughter", Arrested Development (TV), Season 1 Episode 21 (2004) censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site.

    Last edited on Jul 18 2016. Submitted by Mohan K. from Ann Arbor, MI, USA on May 18 1999.

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