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Definition of pieon



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Other terms relating to 'uncool person, jerk, asshole (general insults - list of)':

Definitions include: female genitalia.
Definitions include: "fat bastard".
Definitions include: variation of "douchebag", but deemed far worse.
Definitions include: an insult.
Definitions include: a stupid person.
Definitions include: a jerk.
Definitions include: horse's ass.
Definitions include: very common spelling of choad.
Definitions include: plural of son of a bitch.
Definitions include: an extremely rude or demanding bride-to-be.
Definitions include: to expel air from one's vagina.
Definitions include: a psycho bitch.
Definitions include: shortened form of "douche bag."
Definitions include: a playful insult.
Definitions include: a dumb, stupid, lame, or slow person.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: to fail to follow through with a previous plan.
Definitions include: the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, India.
Definitions include: "lick my balls" spoken with a stereotypical Asian accent.
Definitions include: fucked up; stoned.
Definitions include: disparaging nickname for psychiatrists, used by doctors in the UK.
Definitions include: A term referring to the American multinational corporation Apple Inc., which currently dominates the electronics world, resulting in a covert form of oppression. That is, because Apple currently provides and services all of our cell phones, computers, watches, and other electronic items that we are so heavily dependent on, they can do anything they please with these devices regardless of our will. For example, this organization has the ability to upload Irish rock albums to all of our phones without us knowing and make us agree to their "terms and conditions" for our phones to work. As people who rely on these devices, we have no choice but to simply deal with their shit.
Definitions include: a friend or associate.
Definitions include: to talk at length.
Definitions include: to hit. Often spoken as a sound effect when playfully hitting a friend, especially when they do or say something stupid.
Definitions include: Noun used to describe people who live in the mountains of West Virginia. In Pennsylvania the word fee-faw generally applies to rural people who haven't graduated from high school; they are usually illiterate, and have severe dental problems that adversely affect their appearance.

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