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Definition of pimping


  • very cool... hooked up.
    That car she just bought is so Pimpin'.

    Last edited on Dec 21 1998. Submitted by Annabelle J. from Ramsey, NJ, USA on Dec 21 1998.

  • when a guy is flirting with several girls. also when something is extremely cool.
    He's pimpin'. that car is pimpin'.

    Last edited on Mar 11 2003. Submitted by Zach K. from Lexington, MA, USA on Mar 11 2003.


  • Cool, good looking
    You got the job? That is pimpin.

    Last edited on Feb 06 2005. Submitted by Shilo L. from Fort Collins, CO, USA on Feb 06 2005.


  • User speculation: "pimping" is from the french "pimpant" / "pimpante" and means fresh, good-looking, clean, and smiling.

    Last edited on Jul 21 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 22 2012.

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