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Definition of rank


  • awful-smelling.
    The smell of the dining hall is so rank, it gives me a headache sometimes.

    Last edited on May 07 2013. Submitted by Leah A. from Ohio University, USA on Feb 15 1999.

  • to talk bad about someone.
    They ranked him out and beat him up.
    I ranked on them during my closing interview.

    Last edited on May 07 2013. Submitted by Leah A. from Ohio University, USA on Feb 15 1999.

  • an object that smells or tastes bad.
    That food is rank.

    Last edited on Mar 07 1999. Submitted by Chris B. from San Jose, CA, USA on Mar 07 1999.

  • smelly... usually but not necessarily with a bad connotation... in the example sentence it's not a bad connotation.
    I smoked some really rank buds last night.

    Last edited on Dec 12 1999. Submitted by RC from Georgia, USA on Dec 12 1999.

  • malodorous, stinky.
    That limberger was rank!

    Last edited on Aug 09 2010. Submitted by Betsy R. from Lewisville, TX, USA on Jan 31 2003.

  • to jerk.

    "I ranked on that screw, but it wouldn't budge."

    Last edited on Jan 31 2003. Submitted by Betsy R. from Lewisville, TX, USA on Jan 31 2003.

  • Smelly, stinky.
    Man, she is rank.

    Last edited on Feb 05 2003. Submitted by Allen from Salem, OR, USA on Feb 05 2003.

  • awful, terrible, gross, disgusting, etc.
    That song is rank.
    You smell really rank.

    Last edited on Mar 06 2006. Submitted by Erin L. from Hagerstown, MD, USA on Mar 06 2006.

  • Something that is very bad, stupid, offensive or just plain awful.
    When the teenager got his quiz back and so the bad grade, he said "Wow, this is rank".
    After he read the bad book, he thought that it was pretty rank.

    Last edited on Jan 22 2009. Submitted by Noah from Rhode Island, USA on Jan 22 2009.


  • Offensive odor; disgusting.
    His kitchen was rank!

    Last edited on May 15 2004. Submitted by Nina R. from Shorewood, WI, USA on May 15 2004.

  • disgusting.
    I couldn't kiss him. His feet were rank, the smell filled the whole room, and he kept licking the spots round his lips.

    Last edited on May 31 2004. Submitted by Matthew R. from Blackpool, United Kingdom on May 31 2004.

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