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Definition of red hole

red hole


  • a vagina that has had lots of action or a female who has had lots of sexual partners and/or is labelled as a slut.
    She's been with every man I know. She's a proper red hole!
    Origin: Nottinghamshire. It's a well-known term in my hometown (Newark-on-Trent) which has its own unique, historically linked, language.

    This is the combination of words used in the Romani Gypsy language provided by the "traveler" community, which have passed through and/or settled in Newark-on-Trent over the years and words used which are specific to the local dialect of this area. Over the years these words are been changed (either by shortening the original form of it and/or by misspellings and mispronunciation) but still retain their distinct character and always bemuse visitors to our town who hear it but have no idea what is meant or being spoken about.

    Last edited on Feb 03 2020. Submitted by A lover of all words on Jan 26 2020.

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