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Definition of Retardomasochism


  • The process of Emotionally-motivated buying up of a 70% cliff drop 'Dip' on a meme stock with funds secured by student loans and/or 11% interest-on-the-principle- per month credit loans after having sold one's car and Mother's wedding ring to buy in initially at a grossly artificially inflated ATH to which said stock will never return to the end of affronting Hedge funds which will inevitably cover their losses regardless and who are insulated from real market forces by the very bureaucracies and Politicians one believes will save the day.

    Last edited on Feb 04 2021. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 04 2021.

  • Fred: 'Holy shit. I cannot believe there was a contingency of people dumb enough to buy GME @ 350$.

    Sally: 'Never underestimate the power of Retardomasochism'.

    Last edited on Feb 04 2021. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 04 2021.

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