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Definition of sheep

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Other terms relating to 'miscellaneous insults (list of)':

Definitions include: a know-it-all.
Definitions include: a guest who eats all of the host's food and drinks all of the host's drinks.
Definitions include: An insult.
Definitions include: a boring, humorless person; "wet blanket".
Definitions include: someone who pretends to be a gangster.
Definitions include: to fail to meet someone at a designated location.
Definitions include: anything displeasing.
Definitions include: a person who causes others great distress for personal satisfaction, usually in computer games.
Definitions include: a rich person.
Definitions include: pejorative term for a Communist.
Definitions include: a clumsy, oafish person.
Definitions include: An acronym has been invented for the term, but long after the term entered use: "Beautiful Intellectuals That Cause Hard-ons."
Definitions include: a physically masculine woman.
Definitions include: hippie-esque; "all-natural".
Definitions include: a stupid person; "moron"; "idiot".

Other terms relating to 'to follow the crowd':

Definitions include: a person excessively interested in culture.
Definitions include: to do what is popular, follow the crowd.
Definitions include: a person who likes only what is currently popular.

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Other terms relating to 'sheep':

Definitions include: a term used in lieu of a profanity.
Definitions include: A combination of sheep with people.

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