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Definition of shload


  • An extremely large amount. Abbreviation for "shit-load."
    I've got a schload of work to do.

    Last edited on May 03 1999. Submitted by Sandra M. from Springfield, OH, USA on May 03 1999.

  • a shit load; a whole lot. Also spelled schload.
    We got a schload of it.

    Last edited on Dec 05 1999. Submitted by Rob from Richmond, VA, USA on Dec 05 1999.

  • a lot; probably more accurately spelled sh'load, this is a 'polite' abbreviation for "shitload" which can be used in mixed company (as long as no one asks for the definition...)
    I've got a shload of work to do.

    Last edited on Aug 16 2002. Submitted by Forrest from Charlottesville, VA, USA on Aug 16 2002.

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