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Definition of shway



  • cool. From the TV series Batman Beyond.
    That was totally shway.
    This song is so shway. I love it.

    Last edited on Jun 08 2014. Submitted by BoB from Atlanta, GA, USA on Jul 11 2002.

  • Awesome, cool, great, good, well done. An alien slang from the Steven Spielberg series "Invasion America" that aired on The WB in 1998. This origin influenced the usage of the word in the later WB cartoon series, Batman Beyond, and even later in the more recent incarnation of The WB, The CW's "The Flash" series.

    The term is often used by the character Cisco, as he is an avid science fiction fan and Spielberg buff.

    Last edited on Jan 28 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 28 2019.

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