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Definition of steerage


  • hired help. Derogatory.
    Have the steerage take out the trash and wash my car.

    Last edited on Dec 16 2011. Submitted by Suzette S. from Studio City, CA, USA on Jan 04 2000.

  • It also can refer to anyone that is an ordinary, insignificant person. Common people who are trashy, who don't have any class, don't have any taste. Middle-class "breeders". ("Breeder" being a derogatory term for people that are family oriented, whose biggest goal is to have happy children and family barbecue get-togethers.)

    A person who is uncreative and unoriginal, and really does not have a significant impact on anything in this world, and they are just like anyone else out of a cookie-cutter mold, and they can not appreciate the finer things in life, because they honestly don't know the difference. Steerage cannot think for themselves, and they must look for guidance from someone of intelligence, they cannot make decisions, and they do not look to better themselves, and they are usually content with how they are and appreciate the simpler things in life. They do what they are told, and do not think about how to make their work easier or more efficient, they are merely puppets that move when they are tugged, pushed, or pulled. They should worship and admire the non-steerage, and make sure that they are completely catered to and that there every need or desire is met, after all, that is why steerage was put on this earth.
    I can't believe the amount of steerage at this Macy's, it has really gotten trashy in here, like a K-Mart.

    Last edited on Jan 04 2000. Submitted by Suzette S. from Studio City, CA, USA on Jan 04 2000.


  • From "steerage passenger" - the people that stay on the cheapest part of a ship.

    Last edited on Dec 16 2011. Submitted by Suzette S. from Studio City, CA, USA on Jan 04 2000.

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