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Definition of steez


  • style or skills. sometimes as a characteristic (he has some freckle steez).
    Yo I got some computer steez goin' on here.
    He landed that skate trick with such steez.
    Maeybs steez keeps the ladys jocking.

    Last edited on Dec 02 2017. Submitted by leslie m. on Apr 13 1999.

  • Style; Originates from rap/hip-hop culture. Gangstarr(famed rap group) titled a song about that. Method man has been quoted saying it.
    You Know my steez.
    You kno my sttyle comes with ease.

    Last edited on Dec 02 2017. Submitted by Mike G. from Belfast, ME, USA on May 31 1999.

  • Stuff.
    Stop bitten on my steeze.

    Last edited on Jan 22 2003. Submitted by Charles from Brigham City, UT, USA on Jan 22 2003.

  • coolness, style.

    Last edited on Sep 18 2005. Submitted by Samuel K. on Sep 18 2005.

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