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Definition of stove up

stove up

  • stiff, sore. possibly Middle South origin.
    I am all stove up in my joints.
    He was right stove up.
    He's right stove up.

    Last edited on Apr 27 2013. Submitted by Edward I. from Shreveport, LA, USA on Aug 21 2002.

  • Smashed, broke, destroyed or otherwise damaged something. This usually is used to indicate extreme damage. Origin: Downeast Maine.
    She stove up the truck when she skidded into the trees.

    Last edited on May 19 2011. Submitted by Lee O. from Brewer, ME 04412, USA on Oct 28 2002.

  • of a person, injured. Origin: Downeast Maine.
    He fell skiing and got so stove up they had to take him down in the toboggan.

    Last edited on Mar 21 2011. Submitted by Lee O. from Brewer, ME 04412, USA on Oct 28 2002.

  • Cattlemen and buckaroos say "stove up," meaning an occupational hazard of working with horses. Horses buck, kick, bite and do stupid things which cause chronic injuries, rendering people working with horses stove up.
    For a man to be stove up at thirty may sound strange to some people, but many a cowboy has been so bunged up that he has to quit riding that early in life. -- James Emmit McCauley.

    Last edited on Jun 17 2004. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 17 2004.

  • Primarily used in the Southwest as a past tense to describe the results of physical abuse, for example, having been kicked by a horse or mule, struck by a car, or beaten by a human. It would not be used to describe morning stiffness due to arthritis.

    Last edited on Jul 20 2009. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 20 2009.


  • condition in which the body feels very sore, stiff, and unmovable.
    After an evening on the town with Flynn Ryder, she was all stove up.

    Last edited on Apr 08 2013. Submitted by k r. on Jul 02 2004.

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