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Definition of Susan Glenns

Susan Glenn

  • The term "Susan Glenn" is the result of a marketing campaign executed by Axe, the makers of Axe Body Spray. Starting in May 2012, "Susan Glenn" began appearing on various websites - including this one. July 2012 saw the release of video advertisements and the launch of, which definitively identified Axe as the creator.

    (Interestingly, the definition below from the submitter in San Dimas, CA anticipates the marketing-campaign origin.)

    The term hasn't been deleted from this website because Axe's efforts have been successful: this term is now in the vernacular. See the list of tweets containing this term (below) for an illustration.

    Because of the interesting origins of this term, the definitions below haven't been edited, and duplicate definitions haven't been combined.

    Last edited on Sep 17 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 14 2012.


  • Susan Glenn = the girl, the one that got away

    Not just a girl, but the girl - A female who possesses a combination of physical and behavior characteristics that make her infinitely desirable to a man or boy. Susan Glenns are held up as nearly untouchable, and their very being creates vast emotions in the men who covet them.
    Man, I remember my Susan Glenn - she wasn't just pretty, something about her really blew me away. I couldn't string three words together coherently around her, but if I knew what I know now?
    Who was my Susan Glenn? Heather. She was totally my Susan Glenn.

    Last edited on Sep 04 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on May 11 2012.

  • A hokey attempt at marketing a movie. Possibly one starring Zooey Deschanel.

    Last edited on May 30 2012. Submitted by Anonymous from Sunnyside, 251 S Walnut Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773, USA on May 30 2012.

  • A cool girl, pretty, not necessarily popular - has something magical about her that leaves the dude who digs her speechless.

    Last edited on Sep 04 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on May 31 2012.

  • Girls that have a certain something about them that registers with a particular dude, not necessarily everybody's type of girl - but for one guy, she's the end-all-be-all.

    Last edited on Sep 04 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 02 2012.

  • A girl you used to know that in hindsight you wish you'd done something about.

    Last edited on Sep 04 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 02 2012.

  • That girl that you like so much but you never actually flirt with because you are too worried about messing it all up.

    Last edited on Aug 21 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 09 2012.

  • a Susan Glenn is that girl who you never did anything about

    Last edited on Aug 18 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 18 2012.

  • A Susan Glenn is a dream girl that you never got a chance w| .

    Last edited on Sep 12 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 12 2012.

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