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Definition of tricked out

tricked out

  • highly modified in a hellacious way, referring to automobiles. Examples of "tricked out"-ness include a combination of 3 or more of the following: 20 inch chrome wheels, tinted windows, lowered suspension, body kit, grill guard, Plasma Xenon HID headlights, Lexus-look tail-lights, spoiler, 15 inch sub-woofers, and/or DVD player with multiple screens.
    Damn playa, your ride is tricked out!

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Dipesh P. from Atlanta, GA, USA on Dec 10 2001.


  • decorated or done extravagantly.
    That car is totally tricked out.

    Last edited on Apr 18 2004. Submitted by Wilhelmina M. on Apr 18 2004.

  • Relating to automobiles. Sporting very conspicuous after-market accessories such as large spoilers or ground effects and dramatic colors or decals.
    Joey just bought a tricked-out Mitsubishi Eclipse.

    Last edited on Sep 23 2005. Submitted by David Y. from Village of Clarkston, MI, USA on Sep 23 2005.

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