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Definition of whooty

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Other terms relating to 'attractive female':

Definitions include: attractive females.
Definitions include: women.
Definitions include: a female who is attractive with the exception of her face.
Definitions include: an attractive female; "hottie".
Definitions include: an (often attractive) female ("babe") hired to represent companies at trade fairs.
Definitions include: a middle-aged woman who seeks out much younger men for romance or physical intimacy.
Definitions include: a female.
Definitions include: an under-aged, attractive, promiscuous female.
Definitions include: From Helen of Troy, described by Christopher Marlowe as having "the face that launched a thousand ships."
Definitions include: an attractive female.
Definitions include: a sexy, good looking girl.
Definitions include: an attractive Caucasian female.
Definitions include: acronym for "mom I'd fuck" - that is, an attractive older woman.
Definitions include: From both the Spanish word chiquita and Chiquita Bananas, a particular brand name of bananas.
Definitions include: a very attractive person; "a perfect ten".

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: a hair style consisting of baldness on the top of the head and long hair in the back.
Definitions include: a member of a criminal organization while covertly working for authorities.
Definitions include: A crap that comes out perfectly, requiring almost no toilet paper.
Definitions include: to "throw elbows", i.e. to fight.
Definitions include: Child.
Definitions include: acronym for "in the real world".
Definitions include: exclamation of surprise.
Definitions include: acronym for, Morning Erotically Obsessed Woman (or Women)
Definitions include: prefix used with an hour of the day.
Definitions include: "Pornhubm" is a term coined to mean the opposite of "African Origin: 'Pornhuba.'" It's derived from the words "bonus," which signifies something good or excellent, and "hubris," which relates to pride and arrogance. In this context, "Pornhubm" combines these elements to denote something that is the opposite of excellent, highlighting a lack of pride in its quality.

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