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Definition of yo mama

yo mama


  • "Your mother". Often used as a part of an insult or by itself as an insult.
    Yo mama so fat, when she lay around the house, she lay around the house.
    Person 1: You suck at singing.

    Person 2: Yo mama sucks at singing.
    Person 1: You suck at singing.

    Person 2: Yo mama.
    Yo mama so old she sat next to Jesus in history class.
    Yo mama's so short and so fat, she'd be taller if she laid on her back.
    Yo mama entered a fat competition and won first, second and third.
    Yo mama so ghetto, when she breast feeds kool-aid comes out.

    Last edited on Oct 16 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 14 2013.

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