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Definition of yo momma

yo momma

  • An insult.

    Last edited on Apr 18 1998. Submitted by Mike on Apr 18 1998.

  • "Your momma." Use ranges from jokes to insults. Generally viewed as a highly offensive remark. If used with someone unfamiliar, usually results in violence. Can also be used as a term of verbal retaliation.
    Yo momma got one eye and a peg leg and that's why they call her "Ihop."

    Last edited on Dec 13 1999. Submitted by Jayne M. from Detroit, MI, USA on Dec 13 1999.

  • insult.
    You're stupid!

    Response: Yo mama.

    Last edited on Jan 23 2000. Submitted by Yi from Loma Linda, CA, USA on Jan 23 2000.

  • insult.
    YO MAMA.

    Last edited on Sep 23 2002. Submitted by Kyle and Chris from Gainesville, FL, USA on Sep 23 2002.

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