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tore up from the floor up

  • skanky and or messed up. Can be used to describe either sex.
    That bitch over there, (s)he's tor up from da flo' up!

    Last edited on Jun 07 2013. Submitted by Philtrey from Los Angeles, CA, USA on Feb 18 1999.

  • Basically means getting drunk, there are a few different ways it's said. When you say "toe up from the floor up", you should pronounce it as "toe up from the flo' up."
    We partied last night and got toe up from the floor up!

    Last edited on Mar 22 2002. Submitted by Monique from Billings, MT, USA on Mar 22 2002.

  • unattractive, ugly, disfigured.
    She was to' up from da flo' up.

    Last edited on Oct 09 2002. Submitted by Mia T. from Columbia, MO, USA on Oct 09 2002.


  • Lacking good style or taste.

    Last edited on Jul 06 2004. Submitted by Lillian G. from Bronx, NY, USA on Jul 06 2004.

  • Very tacky.

    Last edited on Jul 06 2004. Submitted by Lillian G. from Bronx, NY, USA on Jul 06 2004.

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  • ugly, disgusting, struggling, etc.
    That guy is trifling.
    That damn bitch sholl is trifling.
    Yo. Your girl be trifiling as hell!
    Yooo omg Shaniqua that gurls face be trifiling, like forreal doe hhahaahahah fuck.
    Man these young cats today be livin life trifling.
    Shut the fuck up u dumb trifling ass bitch.
    Yo its that crazy hoe be trifling. Damnn she need to shut the hell up...(as said on Maury)
    Ugh Verena is so trifling. She need to get her fat ass outta here before I slap her in her face!
    Yo that stank ass bitch be trifling.

    Last edited on May 14 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 20 1998.

  • Ugly; nasty looking, skanky.
    That bitch is trifling!
    Hell yea she trifling.
    That girl Keshia shirt is trifling.

    Last edited on May 13 2013. Submitted by Heather B. from New Orleans, LA, USA on Mar 08 1999.

  • to be nasty, ugly, or obnoxious.
    That girl is just so trifling.

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Zayhna D. from Bethlehem, PA, USA on Nov 16 1999.

  • looking ugly or scrubby or to do something real lame or to think the world of one's self.
    Person A: I am so fine. Dang, look at my body. Shit.

    Person B: OMG, you are so fuckin' conceited.

    Person C: He is trifling like whoa.
    Dang, you see that broad's outfit? She look trifling!

    Last edited on Jun 28 2011. Submitted by Deohanna from Eastlake, OH 44095, USA on Feb 26 2002.

  • devious / sneaky
    He thought by moving ten minutes away from her, he can be closer and spend time but what he was doing was trifling and obsessive due to the fact that he can keep tabs on her.
    I cant stand these trifling heffers.

    Last edited on Mar 04 2015. Submitted by David C. on Aug 22 2008.

  • a slut or acting slutty. Playing games with men. Dirty.
    Her ho ass be trifling by fucking sleeping with my man.

    Last edited on May 04 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 09 2011.

  • lazy, unwilling to make any extra effort, self-centered, obnoxious.
    That boy is plain trifling! He won't even pull the garbage bag up so the trash doesn't fall all out of the bag and get the wastebasket all nasty.
    You know, it is just trifling that they eat and leave dishes with food sitting on the table for days at a time!

    Last edited on Apr 25 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 24 2013.


  • of either gender, promiscuous.

    Last edited on Dec 03 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 03 2011.

  • nasty, dirty, not clean.
    My neighbors are trifling!

    Last edited on May 17 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 08 2015.

  • sneaky, underhanded, disingenuous, perpetual liar, always working an angle to achieve their personal goal, no conviction for what is right. Pursuer of personal intrests at any costs. People are not trifling because they are dirty. They are trifling because they refuse to clean themselves spiritually. They know only deceit.
    You did it because you are trifling. What you did was trifling. How you act is trifling.

    Last edited on Jul 13 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 13 2018.

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  • appearing tired, run down, "beat," etc. In other words: unattractive, but due more to temporary state than natural appearance. However, "temporary" is relative. For example, a drug addict for years may look "worked."
    She looks worked.

    Last edited on Mar 25 1998. Submitted by Caitlin from San Francisco, CA, USA on Mar 25 1998.

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