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laugh at the toilet


  • verb. to vomit.
    Erik could hear his roommate in the bathroom, laughing at the toilet.
    • See more words with the same meaning: to vomit.

    Last edited on Aug 03 1998. Submitted by Matt R. from Albuquerque, NM, USA on Aug 03 1998.

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summer teeth

  • gapped or messed up teeth.
    That girl has summer teeth - some are over there some are over here.

    Last edited on Dec 03 2013. Submitted by Eric from Boston, MA, USA on Aug 03 1998.

  • An ugly mouth. Summer Teeth - Some are west, some are east, some are forward, some are backward.
    She had a great body but she had summer teeth.

    Last edited on Apr 11 2002. Submitted by Summer T. from New York, NY, USA on Apr 11 2002.

  • A term used to describe someone who is missing more than a few teeth.
    Did you see that girl? She's got summer teeth, summer there, summer not...

    Last edited on Nov 03 2003. Submitted by John ". on Nov 03 2003.

  • bad teeth. Teeth with large gaps or very crooked. "Some are (SUMMER) here and some are (SUMMER) there!

    Last edited on May 21 2004. Submitted by Xtraphine B. from Norfolk, VA, USA on May 21 2004.

  • An unpleasant smile. "She was hot until she smiled and had Summer Teeth. Summer yellow, summer missing..."

    Last edited on Nov 01 2005. Submitted by Rylar from Santa Barbara, CA, USA on Nov 01 2005.

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