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chinger up

verb - transitive

  • to have sexual intercourse. Regional slang found in the US southwest, including southern Arizona. From the Spanish "chingar", which means to have sexual intercourse. Growing up in Tucson, I heard the term used often, but never in a sexual sense. "Chingered up" meant "screwed up." Chingadero came later. It is a noun meaning "some annoying little thing." A housefly, for instance, or even a cat that won't leave you alone might be referred to as a chingadero.
    I chingered up my knee playing football.

    Last edited on Aug 31 2013. Submitted by Jim M. from San Francisco, CA, USA on Jun 15 1999.

  • to put into disorder or to make useless. From Mex Spanish "chingar", "to violently abuse sexually".
    Well, he really chingered that one (up).

    Last edited on Sep 06 2010. Submitted by David C. on Sep 19 2004.

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  • a person who follows (or travels with) a music act from performance to performance, and who hangs out with the band. Usually implies a female who makes herself available to band members for sex.

    Citation from "Crushed", Life (TV, 2008), Season 2 Episode 5 censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site.

    Last edited on Oct 19 2010. Submitted by kasandra on Jun 15 1999.

  • by extension, a person who hangs out with a famous person, famous group, or famous people in general. Often but not always carries the prior implication.

    Last edited on Oct 19 2010. Submitted by LARRY S. from Bronx, NY, USA on Aug 10 2004.

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talk to the hand


  • "Talk to the elbow, you don't deserve the extension"

    Definition: an extension of talk to the hand to seem more offensive, because you aren't listening or willing to make an effort to express that fact.

    Last edited on Apr 04 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 04 2014.


  • The phrase "talk to the hand" is a street vocabulary conversation-stopper that is meant to be taken literally, albeit ironically; and is usually accompanied by its related body language: I make a pronouncement. You begin to offer an objection of some sort. I cut you off by extending my right hand, palm out toward you, while I look over my right shoulder and say, "Talk to the hand!" The implication is that you might as well talk to my hand, because I'm not listening. As a conversation stopper, it works even better if you've never heard or seen it before, as what is meant may take a moment or two to sink in, and might even have to be explained (making the recipient seem a little less than streetwise). Since the speaker performs somewhat silly-looking body movements in order to get his/her point across, the phrase is kept just a shade short of being unforgivably rude. As the phrase is becoming somewhat less obscure, some are jettisoning the body movements, reducing the communication to a more-or-less angry comment meaning I'm not going to listen to you, as in "Hey, man, talk to the hand!"

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by David L. from Buzzards Bay, MA, USA on Jun 15 1999.

  • hold a hand up to stop an annoying person from speaking.
    Don't want to listen to you, talk to the hand.

    Last edited on Nov 30 2010. Submitted by Erin S. from Urbana, IL, USA on Jan 29 2000.

  • Used when you don't want to hear it (anymore). Implies: "The ears are no longer listening." Also, "Talk to the finger 'cause the hand can't take it."
    Talk to the hand!

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by William B. from Silver Spring, MD, USA on Apr 11 2002.

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