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church key


  • a tool with parts to puncture holes in cans, and to pry off bottle tops.
    Damn! We forgot the church key.

    Last edited on Dec 17 2011. Submitted by Bill M. from Phoenix, AZ 85044, USA on Dec 24 2001.

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  • crazy, i.e. strange, insane, or wild.
    That party was cray cray.
    That family was so cray-cray.
    Kylee and Sydney are super cray cray.
    Man, why'd you do that? That was cray-cray!
    Girl, why you acting so cray cray?

    Last edited on May 28 2013. Submitted by Jeremy from Chicago, IL, USA on Dec 24 2001.

  • crazy. Typically used to describe something or someone who is funny or ridiculous or acting in a strange, possibly hyperactive (silly) manner.
    She's so cray-cray.
    Sorry I've been acting so cray-cray.
    Just so you know: Cara is cray-cray.

    Last edited on Apr 25 2013. Submitted by Nina H. from New York, NY, USA on Jan 02 2005.

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  • to be extremely excited about something.
    I'm so geeked that we got front row tickets!

    Last edited on Apr 24 1999. Submitted by Kim D from MI, USA on Apr 24 1999.

  • High, under the influence of drugs, and most often to an extreme degree; as in really high as opposed to high (most often cocaine, and sometimes methamphetamine).
    Man, she was so geeked!

    Last edited on Feb 07 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 24 2001.

  • stoned, high.
    I was geeked.
    We sat around and got geeked.
    I had a party and everyone got geeked.

    Last edited on Apr 25 2013. Submitted by M. Bonomo from Zelienople, PA, USA on Jan 08 2002.

  • under the influence of marijuana.
    Let's all go get geeked.

    Last edited on May 14 2011. Submitted by Emmet Light from Milwaukee, WI, USA on Nov 29 2002.

  • to be under the influence of cocaine.
    I am really geeked.

    Last edited on Feb 05 2003. Submitted by Tony C. from Blue Island, IL, USA on Feb 05 2003.

  • hyped up

    Last edited on May 07 2004. Submitted by Anonymous on May 07 2004.

  • high on cocaine, not weed.

    Last edited on Aug 01 2005. Submitted by Tinian from Amherst, MA, USA on Aug 01 2005.

  • high on cocaine.
    She is so geeked, look at her eyes.

    Last edited on Jan 04 2006. Submitted by e t. from Pensacola, FL, USA on Jan 04 2006.

  • in love or to fall extremely hard for somebody

    Last edited on Jan 01 2020. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 01 2020.

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