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Definition of a faceplant

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Slang terms with the same meaning

Other terms relating to 'to fall, hurt, injure one's self':

Definitions include: to collide with a tree.
Definitions include: fallen in a dramatic fashion; "head over heels".
Definitions include: a problem or grudge with someone.
Definitions include: to slip or fall accidentally.
Definitions include: to fall and hit the ground.
Definitions include: to fall in love.
Definitions include: to flatulate; "fart".
Definitions include: fallen in a dramatic fashion; "head over heels".
Definitions include: an event with a displeasing outcome.
Definitions include: getting speared by a sting ray (or other any other form of species of ray)
Definitions include: to leave.
Definitions include: a head-first fall.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: attacking or accosting a person in an extremely violent and unrestrained manner with no thought about consequences.
Definitions include: acronym for "party juice" - a mixed drink prepared in large quantities for parties.
Definitions include: imitation of a sound effect traditionally used in cartoons after something unfortunate happens to a character.
Definitions include: hundreds of dollars.
Definitions include: to reveal misdeeds of (one's) employer.
Definitions include: Epicycle (to). v.t. To attempt to prop up an absurd hypothesis with one or more supplementary hypotheses of escalating absurdity.
Definitions include: ejaculate.
Definitions include: an alcoholic crack head.
Definitions include: whatever.
Definitions include: to poorly connect one item to another, usually in regards to vehicles, especially important items (gas tank), or electrical wiring.

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