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Definition of a snarky



  • sarcastic and bitchy.
    You're a snarky mofo.

    Last edited on Feb 20 2018. Submitted by Farhana and Ginger from Calgary, AB, Canada on Jun 03 1999.

  • British slang, meaning sarcastic.
    I'm being snarky.

    Last edited on Jul 28 2012. Submitted by trina m. from Los Angeles, CA, USA on Feb 01 2002.

  • adj. - sarcastic.
    I made a snarky comment that got me in trouble.

    Last edited on Jul 28 2012. Submitted by David D. from Philadelphia, PA, USA on Mar 07 2003.

  • to get snippy/nasty.
    She got snarky with me the other day when I asked her to do something.

    Last edited on Nov 23 2011. Submitted by Nikki M. from Clarence, New York, USA on Dec 21 2006.

  • Insightfully snide commentary with a bite.
    He made a snarky comment about a woman's ensemble.

    Last edited on Feb 20 2018. Submitted by Arachni8 on May 03 2012.


  • In the USA 1950 era, Snark meant a kid would sit in a tub full of water and fart to get bubbles, then the kid would bite those bubbles.
    A snarky kid.

    Last edited on Feb 20 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 01 2014.

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