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Definition of an Omega Mu

Omega Mu


  • a fictitious sorority with overweight members.
    Uh, dude... I think she's a member of Omega Mu.
    Why were you talking to that Omega Mu?

    Last edited on Nov 29 2001. Submitted by Kevin H. from Cedar Rapids, IA, USA on Nov 29 2001.

  • The term originates from the 1984 movie, Revenge of the Nerds. Gilbert Skolnik's not particularly attractive girlfriend Judy is a member of the Omega Mu sorority, which is made up of the least attractive girls on the Adams College campus. This is made clear when she invites them to a party at the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity house.

    Last edited on Jul 15 2015. Submitted by Cyrano on Jul 15 2015.


  • "Omega" is similar to "mega," which means "very" in the vernacular.

    "Mu" is pronounced like "moo," which is the sound that cows make in the United States.

    A "cow" is an overweight person.

    On US college campuses, people are sometimes referred to as the sorority or fraternity that they are a member of. For example, "He's a Pi Kapp," rather than "He's a member of Pi Kapp."

    Last edited on Jul 15 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 26 2007.

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