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Definition of baller

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Other terms relating to 'sports (related to)':

Definitions include: to vomit.
Definitions include: a weak throw.
Definitions include: in soccer (football), the kick of a ball through an opponent's legs.
Definitions include: a young - typically pre-pubescent - surfer.
Definitions include: to defraud; "swindle".
Definitions include: steroids.
Definitions include: abbreviated form of "competition".
Definitions include: jogging and juggling at the same time.
Definitions include: to ride a surf board with 5 of one's toes hanging over the edge of the board.
Definitions include: in fishing, to catch a fish and then release it back into the water.
Definitions include: any football player who played for the Florida State University football team (the Seminoles) and was convicted of a crime.
Definitions include: in anything, a second chance; "do over".
Definitions include: acronym of "original gangsta" meaning an older gangsta.
Definitions include: a girl who dress up for a hockey games hoping to get a date with the players.
Definitions include: to stimulate the genitals with one's hand.

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Other terms relating to 'baller':

Definitions include: a big time big money crack dealer.
Definitions include: Someone who has an ache in their testicles due to prolonged periods of sexlessness or sexual frustration.
Definitions include: a person who makes large sums of money.

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