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Definition of cattywompus

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Other terms relating to 'broken':

Definitions include: out of service, broken, useless, inoperative.
Definitions include: very inappropriate.
Definitions include: under the influence of drugs.
Definitions include: To reject or refuse, often in an abrupt or forceful manner.
Definitions include: to wreck a vehicle such that repairs would cost more than the value of the (unwrecked) vehicle.
Definitions include: high-grade marijuana.
Definitions include: extremely tired.
Definitions include: injured.
Definitions include: damaged, jammed, or out of alignment.
Definitions include: extremely tired.
Definitions include: to overwhelm a web site with massive amounts of traffic due to Slashdot linking to it.
Definitions include: broken or not functioning properly.
Definitions include: under the influence of drugs, often LSD ("acid").
Definitions include: disturbing.
Definitions include: broken.

Other terms relating to 'present, near, directly':

Definitions include: as a question, to enquire whether someone is present.
Definitions include: directly.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: To fall into a very deep sleep due to exhaustion or intoxication. Normally unintentionally so.
Definitions include: when a TV series passes its peak.
Definitions include: of money, to gather.
Definitions include: an especially attractive individual.
Definitions include: to verbalize a previously unspoken problem.
Definitions include: See on the map.
Definitions include: to go without comforts.
Definitions include: A state of being relating to extreme hunger.
Definitions include: also,and,etc,vice versa,you get the gist of it
Definitions include: Gook is a Korean word used as a bad slang towards people of Asian culture. It's original meaning translates to "people of". Americans are known as Mi-gook, Korean's are Han-gook, and so on. The word Gook was probably taught to American GI's during the Korean War, who bastardized it's use. It surfaced again and was used by GI's who later fought in VietNam. It's still used as a common, non-derogatory, word in Korea and as a slang in other parts of the world.

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