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Definition of down low

down low

  • to keep quiet. Secretive. Also known as the DL.
    Keep this on the down low.
    He's hitting it on the DL.

    Last edited on Aug 25 2013. Submitted by B $oLo from St Louis, MO, USA on Mar 27 1999.

  • word or phrase the person wants to keep to a limited amount of people or persons.
    Hey, keep that on the down low yo.

    Last edited on Mar 27 1999. Submitted by Tyler C. from Kalispell, MT, USA on Mar 27 1999.

  • To keep something quiet or concealed.
    I lost the 20 bucks from the cash register but keep it on the down low or I'll get fired.

    Last edited on Nov 20 2001. Submitted by Dan B. from Lima, Lima, Peru on Nov 20 2001.

  • to keep a secret.
    We gonna kick it on the D.L.

    Last edited on May 13 2011. Submitted by Stephen from Carrollton, TX, USA on Aug 19 2002.

  • Basically means a secret. "Keep this on the down-low, don't tell anyone." Can also mean details or the real reason behind something. "Give me the down-low." Also known as "D.L." "Keep this on the D.L." "Here's the D.L., man."
    Keep this on the down-low.

    Last edited on Jan 13 2003. Submitted by Kati from Memphis, TN, USA on Jan 13 2003.

  • Keep it a secret. Also DL.
    Shh! Keep it on the down-low.
    Shh! Keep it on the D-L.

    Last edited on May 13 2011. Submitted by Ron on Jan 30 2006.


  • a phrase meaning a married man is secretly having sex with another man. Usually preceded by "on the." More commonly used by African-Americans.
    Mary doesn't know that her husband is on the down low.

    Last edited on Jul 24 2010. Submitted by Wilhelmina M. on Apr 18 2004.

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