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Definition of hobo



  • "Hobo" also has non-slang meanings.

    Last edited on Apr 15 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 01 2012.

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Definitions include: Good or close friend.
Definitions include: a general insult, usually applied to females.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of frenemy.
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Definitions include: form of address for a male friend.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of brother.
Definitions include: to vomit.
Definitions include: a person with whom one shares a flat; "roommate".
Definitions include: a best friend.
Definitions include: friends only for the purpose of having intercourse.
Definitions include: "fellow", i.e. a man.
Definitions include: A good friend, a sweet person.
Definitions include: a close friend.
Definitions include: the group of one's friends.

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Definitions include: an exclamation of displeasure.
Definitions include: a small cloth bag with a draw string issued to perspective sailors during basic training to store sundries, incidentals, and personal property.
Definitions include: abbreviated form of "politician".
Definitions include: in homosexual male sex, to perform in the male role (i.e. "giving end").
Definitions include: spilling a small quantity of a beverage (usually a 40 ounce container of beer) on the ground in order to honor the deceased.
Definitions include: general insult.

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