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Definition of merc


  • British term for vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz, not used in US due to confusion with Ford division Mercury.
    I just totaled my Merc.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by TurbyneGTX from Boston, MA, USA on Jan 19 2002.

  • Verb meaning to kill or murder.
    He got Merc'd.

    Last edited on Jun 11 2002. Submitted by Raistlin M. from Chicago, IL, USA on Jun 11 2002.

  • to kill someone
    Let's merc this guy.

    Last edited on Sep 14 2004. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 14 2004.

  • to leave.
    Let's merc out this joint.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 14 2004.


  • "mercenary".
    He did merc work in Africa during the 1960s, but living the life of a merc didn't appeal to him.

    Last edited on Dec 04 2011. Submitted by CambridgeAlum from Hollywood, CA, USA on Dec 04 2011.

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