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Definition of mook


  • Seems to be a New York City synonym for "hood" or "crook." Often heard on network cop shows, e.g. "Law and Order."
    NYC cop: I busted a coupla mooks.

    Last edited on Mar 30 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 29 1998.

  • Baltimore MD Used on Homicide; Life on the streets by Detective Lewis.
    Will you just look at these mooks?

    Last edited on Jul 01 2002. Submitted by p. fitzwater from TX, USA on Jul 01 2002.

  • An insignificant, contemptible person--usually male.
    What a fuckin' mook!

    Last edited on Oct 10 2002. Submitted by Keith F. from Tacoma, WA 98445, USA on Oct 10 2002.

  • an insignificant or contemptible person. Origin is possibly from the word "jamoke" or "moke."

    Last edited on Apr 15 2011. Submitted by Gene S. from Hammond, IN, USA on Jan 10 2003.

  • A large, clumsy person; oaf.
    You're stepping on my foot, you big mook!

    Last edited on Jan 10 2003. Submitted by Gene S. from Hammond, IN, USA on Jan 10 2003.

  • an oaf, a loud boor, a witlessly enthusiastic fan of insignificant things or events.

    Last edited on May 31 2003. Submitted by Vaughn M. on May 31 2003.


  • person crappy or half-assed task is given to
    There is the wood cut-list mook.

    Last edited on Mar 23 2005. Submitted by Robert J. on Mar 23 2005.


  • when said person is assigned a crappy or half-assed duty, given a mindless or boring task; treated as something stepped in by a brain-dead manager type
    The front office secretary is cleaning the office fridge... looks like she's been mooked again!

    Last edited on Mar 23 2005. Submitted by Robert J. on Mar 23 2005.

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