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  • Short and sassy for "whatever." Used to denote sarcasm and/or a lack of seriousness about something.
    He says it's really important. Whatev'.

    Last edited on Jun 15 1998. Submitted by Lingua F. from New York, NY, USA on Jun 15 1998.

  • Used for almost anything anymore. (1) "I don't care," (2) "Yeah right! (sarcasm)" (3) Tacked at the end of a listing of things, like etc.
    1) Speaker: Do you want to go uptown?

    Response: (shrugs shoulders) "Whatev."
    2) Huh? You want me to share this with you. Whatev!
    3) Bring chips, cookies, pop; whatev.

    Last edited on Feb 15 1999. Submitted by Leah A. from Ohio University, USA on Feb 15 1999.

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