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  • exclamation of happiness, being excited, or feeling overwhelmed.

    Last edited on May 06 2011. Submitted by nenad from Canada on Sep 05 1998.

  • Exclamation of success, often with accompanying standard body action (virtical forarm, clenched fist, elbow at 90 degrees.. then pump down... BOOYAH!. got it?) Used all over. Made popular by the Simpsons.
    You mean it worked? BOOYAH!

    Last edited on Jan 10 2000. Submitted by Noah B. from Vancouver, BC, Canada on Jan 10 2000.

  • an interjection used to express sudden joy or success, usually as a manner of boasting or asserting of one's dominance in a given situation.

    Last edited on Mar 05 2000. Submitted by Jeff Y. from Merchantville, NJ, USA on Mar 05 2000.

  • Expression meaning I told you so, or don't even go there. Can be followed by another slang term "talk to the hand!".
    I told you that you were wrong... Booya!

    Last edited on Feb 22 2002. Submitted by Monica M. from San Francisco, CA, USA on Feb 22 2002.

  • adjective. Usually said after getting the upper hand on someone, could be used in a sentence to warn a person that you may get the upper hand on them. Michael J. Fox, in and episode of Spin City says "booyah" after making a witty remark. Ali G says a variant of the word "booyakasha." Origin may go back further.
    Don't make me booyah your ass.

    Last edited on Aug 23 2002. Submitted by Van L. from Sydney, NSW, Australia on Aug 23 2002.

  • hell yeah, excellent.
    I made the football team, boo yah!

    Last edited on Sep 18 2002. Submitted by matt o'connell from Abington, PA, USA on Sep 18 2002.

  • Exciting or intense. When used in reference to a woman, intensely sexually attractive (although not necessarily pretty in appearance).
    That party is raging booyah!

    Last edited on Oct 24 2002. Submitted by Nick L. from Charlottesville, VA, USA on Oct 24 2002.

  • An exclamation used to denote victory, usually at the expense of another. An indication that you have taken the lead in a contest of one-upmanship.
    Booyah grandma!

    Last edited on Jan 23 2003. Submitted by Steven V. from Thornton, CO, USA on Jan 23 2003.


  • excellent.
    That grass is booyah.

    Last edited on Sep 19 2004. Submitted by David C. on Sep 19 2004.

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  • verb. to take something from someone in front of them.
    I brodied his jacket after he told me I couldn't have it.

    Last edited on Nov 23 1998. Submitted by Jen G. from Elizabethtown, PA, USA on Nov 23 1998.

  • v. to steal something; to take.
    I'm 'bout to brodie that jaun.

    Last edited on Jan 10 2000. Submitted by Carl F. B. III from Philadelphia, PA, USA on Jan 10 2000.

  • to steal. usually from another person, and not a retailer or place of business.
    He brodied that necklace from a friend of mine.

    Last edited on Oct 19 2001. Submitted by Jeff B. from Syracuse, NY 13210, USA on Oct 19 2001.

  • to crash, collide; an accident (commonly used in sports, such as mountain biking or skateboarding).
    I was speeding downhill on my bike and brodied right into a tree.

    Last edited on Oct 04 2002. Submitted by Jason D. from Costa Mesa, CA, USA on Oct 04 2002.

  • Philadelphia slang term meaning to take by force or intimidation.
    Yo, that kid can't rhyme, I'm about to brody him for the mic.

    Last edited on Feb 16 2003. Submitted by Spark D. from Philadelphia, PA, USA on Feb 16 2003.

  • To borrow without asking
    Did you brody my t-shirt last night?

    Last edited on Jun 30 2004. Submitted by Jeff from Glenside, PA, USA on Jun 30 2004.

  • To steal
    • See more words with the same meaning: to steal.

    Last edited on Jun 30 2004. Submitted by Jeff from Glenside, PA, USA on Jun 30 2004.


  • Beginning in about 1947, I became aware of the verb "brody," which means to slide around a corner in your car at high speed. "He brodied the corner." These days we'd call it a power slide or a 4-wheel drift.

    Proof: In the 1940s and 1950s, boys and young men attached a brody knob to the steering wheel, allowing them to turn the wheel quickly, which you need to do when you are brodying.

    Google "brody knob" and you will see photos.

    Last edited on Jul 10 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 10 2016.

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