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Definition of a fuck boy

fuck boy


  • a male who tries to be something that he knows nothing about.

    a male who is always fucking something up.

    a male who tries to do what he sees other people doing, but who doesn't know anything about it.
    Fuck boy-ass nigga!
    You a fuck boy!
    That's sum fuck boy shit!
    Look at that fuck boy!
    Ain't nothing but fuck boys up in here.
    You on that fuck boy hoe ass shit!

    Last edited on Sep 25 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 24 2013.

  • a male with whom a person has sex, but there is no potential for a closer relationship; "friends with benefits".
    I thought he had enough potential to be my bae but turns out, all he was was a fuck boy.

    Last edited on Jun 26 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 04 2015.

  • a male who oppresses women.
    He wanted me to go into the kitchen and "Make him a sandwich." What a fuckboy.

    Last edited on Nov 18 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 18 2015.

  • a male who is constantly seeking romance and/or sexual congress with women.
    You know he's a fuck boy when he says he's not.
    You think that fuckboy is going to put a ring on your finger bitch?

    Last edited on Sep 25 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on May 06 2015.

  • a general insulting form of address/reference.
    He's such a fuckboy.
    Back up of me you little fuck boy bitch.

    Last edited on Sep 25 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 26 2015.

  • general term for a disliked male.
    That douche is a fuck boy. Get yourself a real man.
    I'm just that bitches fuck boy, and I'm cool with it.

    Last edited on Sep 25 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 20 2016.

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