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Definition of hairbags



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Other terms relating to 'uncool person, jerk, asshole (general insults - list of)':

Definitions include: alternate spelling/pronunciation of bitch.
Definitions include: a masturbator, usu. male.
Definitions include: good friend; "buddy".
Definitions include: a piece of fecal matter; "loaf".
Definitions include: boring, dull, uninspired.
Definitions include: a person not deserving of respect.
Definitions include: an extremely stupid person or a total asshole.
Definitions include: a person who doesn't meet the speaker's notion of cool.
Definitions include: a person who is silly.
Definitions include: a sick (demented) fuck (despicable person.)
Definitions include: a polite way to say "dumb fuck".
Definitions include: a lame person.
Definitions include: loser, unsuccessful person.
Definitions include: acronym for "bastard operator from hell".
Definitions include: acronym for "tore up from the floor up".

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Definitions include: to welcome.
Definitions include: a small piece of a design that doesn't work as well as the rest of the design.
Definitions include: to set someone straight.
Definitions include: doomed.
Definitions include: a sexually talented male.
Definitions include: a dilapidated shack or tenement.
Definitions include: Normally used as slang in describing the "near-felonious promiscuity" of a woman. As in where one could say that the tramp that gave him herpes, took more pricks daily than any seamstresses pin-cushion could in a week. Hence: "That bitch is such a Pin-cushion! I bet you anything she gave me strains of herpes that haven't even been discovered yet. I'm afraid to go to the doctor cause they'll probably name one of them after me and shit. Like I'm the fucking Christopher Columbus of STD'S or something."
Definitions include: contact/cell phone number what up b can you text me Diana's kappa
Definitions include: When the tweaker reached her sexual peak she had multiply convulsively orgasims.
Definitions include: from a stop, to accelerate a motor vehicle quickly such that the tires spin freely.

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